Our Story

Dennis Mathis, founder of Beard Play, has always played with the idea of growing his facial hair out, but it wasn’t until the Fall of 2016 that he allowed his beard to reach its full potential. While doing so, he received positive (and negative) feedback. Despite those negative reactions, he fell in love, not only with his beard, but also with the new community he was building with his fellow beardsmen.  He initially thought that finding the proper beard care products for his mane would be easy, but after combing through the internet and many purchases later, he just wasn’t satisfied with the products that were out there.  With not many beard care products catered to men of color available, he embarked on a journey that would provide men with coarser hair an option that would keep their beards soft, hydrated, and most importantly, healthy. 

After months of research and experimentation, he found a mixture that seemed to work wonders for him and finally gave the results he desperately looked elsewhere to find. In addition to keeping his beard soft, hydrated and healthy, this concoction stopped the itch, it prevented breakage, and it expedited growth.

Dennis eventually started sharing his newfound tonic with family and friends.  When others started noticing a difference in their beards as well, it was confirmation that he might have “cracked the code”. Not wanting to keep the information to himself, He started making small batches and handing them out, eventually birthing Beard Play as a company.